Each couple is unique and has their own special story. I want to make sure the images from the day are a reflection of your personality –whether that means including your favorite pet, bringing in special props or venturing to a meaningful location. On your wedding day, I’m there to photograph the candid, special moments and beautiful portraits, but I’m also there to carry your train, grab you water if you need and anything else to make your day run smoothly. I pride myself on being a calming presence on a busy day!

01. I was born and raised in Orono, MN and then ventured to California for college, followed by Boston and Chicago. I moved back to MN in 2012 and settled with my now husband in Western Wisconsin in 2016. 02. Traveling is my guilty pleasure. I’ve been to all 50 states and 12 countries. I’m an avid road tripper, scuba diver and vineyard visitor while on vacation.
03. I’m a crazy dog mom. I have a Springer Spaniel named Bailey who is spoiled but very well trained. She wipes her feet when she comes in the house! 04. My husband and I live on a little hobby farm –feeding pigs, collecting eggs from the chickens and tending to a massive garden are all a huge part of my daily routine!


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