J O I N   T H E   S Q U A D

I am searching for a girl-boss who is friendly, has some experience shooting weddings, and is looking to grow and learn a ton about the wedding photography industry. I am seeking creatives who are driven to work hard and go above and beyond for our clients. As an associate, you would shoot the engagement session and wedding under Hannah Ampe Photography, but would not be responsible for editing those photos. As an independent contractor, you will be able to negotiate your own schedule and work when you want to!
A strong portfolio, professional equipment, and experience are all required. I will provide you with training throughout your experience as an Associate Photographer. If you do not have as much experience as needed to be an associate, consider applying to be a second shooter to start to gain more experience! Applicants should be eager to learn, be highly organized, and have strong communication skills.

T H I S   J O B   I S   F O R   Y O U   I F :

+ You’re able to handle and adapt in high-stress situations
+ You love the shooting part of photography, but maybe don't care for the rest of the photography business
+ You are available for at least 5 weekends/year
+ You’ve shot or second shot a minimum of 2 weddings
+ You typically put the needs and desires of others in front of your own