Hi! I’m Kacey, a Minneapolis base wedding and portrait photographer! My goal for each of my couples is to create a stress free & joyous wedding photography experience! I love capturing love and laughter which is why I love weddings! I don’t just focus on the couple, but I also focus on your friends and family throughout the day and capture all the joy surrounding you two! My photography approach is very laid back and fun! I shy away from the super posed positions and instead encourage movement to capture real smiles and laughter. I am on your side the whole way (I mean, I kind of turn into your 3rd wheel on the day of). If you find yourself in need of water, a tide to go, napkins, a snack, or just a loving smile for encouragement, I’m your girl!

01. I was born and raised in Montana. I lived in a small town my whole life and when I say small, I mean I had 38 kids in my high school graduating class. 02. I’m an animal lover! Basically any animals I see, I love. Except bugs and snakes!
03. I love the little details. I could shoot details from a wedding all day long! The amount of thought and energy that goes into the details makes my heart happy! Color coordination, little ring boxes and flowers, oh my!


View my favorite photos here:

Wedding One

Wedding Two