Hi, I'm Olivia, a Midwest photographer based out of Minneapolis. I've had a passion for three things in my life for as long as I can remember... ranch dressing, dogs, and photography. My first camera was a barbie point and shoot, and I took photos of everything. Seventeen years later I've upgraded cameras but you can still find me taking photos of everything in sight! I love love love capturing the special moments between couples on their wedding day and all the intimate moments in between. I am an absolute sucker for a timeless traditional wedding portrait, but I also have a soft spot for all the emotional candids. Past clients usually comment "wow that was easier than I thought" or "you made us SO comfortable!" and that's because no one hates having their photo taken more than me. I put myself in your shoes and do things that would make me feel more comfortable if I was on the other side of the lens. I'll crack jokes with you, smile with you, and give you something to laugh at (hint its me). On your wedding day I'm always going above and beyond for my brides. It's not uncommon for me to ask the bride/groom if I can get them anything, offer to hold the bottom of the dress, or fix the train through!

01. I love dogs!!! I have two rescue pups, Luna and Yoko. Luna is a 65lb pitbull with a passion for peanut butter and belly rubs, and Yoko is a three legged corgi mix. She's very opinionated!! 02. I detest coffee. It smells bad, it tastes bad, and it's bad for your teeth (sorry coffee lovers)! You can usually find me with an iced or chai tea from starbucks instead.
03. I am in a very committed relationship with cheese and bread, and my husband is gluten and dairy free. 04. I don't know if it's humanely possible for anyone else to love Taylor Swift more than me. She's the BEST.


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