What to wear to an engagement shoot


“What the heck should I wear to our engagement shoot???” 


This is one of the questions I get the most. 

I got you girl—

A good rule of thumb is to have two outfits. One fun/cute/comfy outfit and another formal or different. If you have like 5 outfit changes, you are taking time away from photos for you to change.

For the ladies. 

+ long flowy dresses. I am a sucker for long flow dresses!!

+ short summer dress/white dresses are always great!

+ jeans and a cute top with a chunky necklace

+ gown & heels

+ jean jacket & hat


For the gents.

+ jeans & button up

+ neutral colored Polo & shorts

+ suit & tie

+ jean jacket and hat?? Lol



+ hats

+ flowers

+ jewelry

+ signs

+ blankets

+ layers (shirt, cardigan, jacket, scarf) There is so much potential without actually changing outfits.

+ super cool old couch in a field. I’ve thought about this a lot lol.


Make sure that you and your fiancé’s outfits go well together, colors are cohesive, etc. Neutral colors are a great baseline to use. Light blues, greys, whites, creams, blushes, etc. Bright colors can clash or distract from the photo. That being said, pops of red can be super fun!! The biggest thing is to be comfortable and feel confident in what you are wearing! Wear something that is you and your photos will turn out great!