Hannah Ampe Photography Associate - Sydney

My name is Sydney! I love capturing special moments and some of the biggest memories of life. I truly feel honored to be apart of your big day. I am a pretty bubbly, outgoing individual, and will do my best to provide photos that really match your personality and show who you are. Life is full of memories and moments that should be cherished; which is why I absolutely love taking shots of some of your most important days. I believe life should be worn with a smile, and I can’t wait to see yours!

01. I live on a farm! We have chickens, pigs, horses, dogs, cats, cows, and did I mention chickens?! I absolutely love the farm life. I truly couldn’t live my life any other way. 02. I have three beautiful daughters. Riley (9 years old), Lucille (2 years old), and Jolene (9 months old)! I am obsessed with being a girl mom. My babies are my world!
03. I lived in Colorado for 8 years (which is where I met my husband). My heart will always have a special place for the mountains! 04. I just started gardening this year (I am the exact opposite of a green thumb), and it’s actually WORKING! I am now overly obsessed, and love spending time with my girls in the garden! 05. I eat my pancakes with peanut butter on top and put cheese in my popcorn.