St. Anthony Main | Minneapolis Engagement Photographer | Jenny + Forrest

St. Anthony Main | Minneapolis Engagement Photographer | Jenny + Forrest

Yeah.. their names are Jenny and Forrest! How FREAKIN’ cute!!!! This was such a perfect spring engagement session. It was filled with laughs, smile, and a perfect spring breeze. Spring is my new favorite season :)

Zilker Park Austin, TX Engagement | Ryan + Sterling

Zilker Park Austin, TX Engagement | Ryan + Sterling

Ryan and Sterling are getting married at the Hutton House (so excited) next spring, and are currently living in Austin, TX. Peter and I took a trip down to Austin in April and shot this pretty engagement session with these two at Zilker Park in Austin.

Winter Engagement in Theodore Wirth Park | Hanna + Ben

Winter Engagement in Theodore Wirth Park | Hanna + Ben

There are so many Hanna(h)’s this season and I am not complaining :) This Hanna is wonderful and is the proud mama to Owen. The largest, most lovable golden retriever ever to live. It took an army to rein him in during our shoot, but I am so glad he joined us :) I met Hanna and Ben at Theodore Wirth Park in January and spent the afternoon eating’ treats (well Owen did) and taking some super cute pics!! Check them out :)

Dallas Spring Engagement | Kerbi + Phillip

Dallas Spring Engagement | Kerbi + Phillip

Kerbi and Phillip are the two sweetest humans to have ever walked this earth. This April, I flew down to Dallas, TX to shoot their engagement session at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve just north of Dallas. The morning of the shoot, I had driven up from Austin where half of our drive was through a torrential down pour. Needless to say we were a little worried we would get rained out. Besides a little mud here and there, it turned out to be a perfect setting for their spring engagement session!

California Couples Session | Rosie & Joe

When in Malibu, hang out with super fun people and take their photos :)

Everything about this shoot was perfect! Rosie and Joe, the lighting, the FREAKIN' BEAUTIFUL landscape, there were dolphins. I mean come on!!! How can it get better than this???


I took these gorgeous photos on our US Road trip this Spring. I knew I would be traveling through California and wanted to shoot while I was there. So I asked my friend, Karlee if she knew anyone that could be my "models" for a photo shoot. So she introduced me to Rosie and Joe.

Sidebar | There are moments in life that you can look back and think how a small gesture, statement, good deed, or introduction can change everything. | It may seem dramatic for me to say that this shoot changed me, but it did. Everything was perfect. I was in my element. There was no pressure, no timeframe, and no worries. I was just shooting for the fun of it, and it brought me back to why I started this small little Minnesota photography business in the first place. I love it. I love capturing sweet moments and deep emotional connections between my couples. 

Rosie and Joe hadn't seen each other for a week before this shoot. So it gave them time to be intimate and for me to capture their longing love. 

I was nervous coming into this shoot because I had been shooting mainly landscapes for the past 6 months on my travels. I thought I would be rusty, and I was for the first few shots, but not long after my first shutter clicked, I was in the zone. I experimented with new poses, laughed with Rosie and Joe, and enjoyed a night at Point Dume in Malibu, California with Peter. 

It was a little treacherous getting down to the beach, and only like 5 parking spots, but once you crept down the 100+ steps, you were in another world. Full of dolphins, seals, a few questionable pot smokers, and the smell of sea water and sand. 

I will never forget or stop reliving this shoot. I hope to have millions more shoots like this in the future and will never again forget the feeling I get when I capture these special moments.


+ Here are a few of my favorites from Rosie and Joe's Malibu Photo Shoot

kristy + rogan | A Non-Traditional Engagement

Kristy & Rogan154.jpg
Kristy & Rogan093.jpg

My goal is always to create an experience as well as pretty photos, to make my clients feel uplifted and energized, and always always capture their love and the moments that make their hearts skip a beat. I am always looking for unique shoots to do with my clients and one of my favorite shoots was with Kristy & Rogan in Ames, Iowa.


Kristy wanted a non-traditional engagement shoot, so I asked her if she would want to take photos by a lake... in the water… I was so ecstatic when I got her email saying, “water, water, water!!!” She was thrilled.


We met up at Peterson Pits (a small swimming hole in Ames, Iowa) and made our way towards the water. We took some more traditional engagement photos for the parents, but then made our way to the beach. We waded into the water and had so much fun shooting the evening away!


While this shoot was one of my favorites, it also challenged me. Kristy & Rogan only could stand in the water, and I could only see half of their bodies. I had to switch up my posing a lot and come up with new angles and shots.


I loved getting out of my comfort zone for this shoot and finally getting to check off a shoot on my bucket list! I truly believe my job is the best is gets! I get to see happiness and love everyday and enjoy my passion as a job :)



Enjoy some of my favorites from their shoot!