kristy + rogan | A Non-Traditional Engagement

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My goal is always to create an experience as well as pretty photos, to make my clients feel uplifted and energized, and always always capture their love and the moments that make their hearts skip a beat. I am always looking for unique shoots to do with my clients and one of my favorite shoots was with Kristy & Rogan in Ames, Iowa.


Kristy wanted a non-traditional engagement shoot, so I asked her if she would want to take photos by a lake... in the water… I was so ecstatic when I got her email saying, “water, water, water!!!” She was thrilled.


We met up at Peterson Pits (a small swimming hole in Ames, Iowa) and made our way towards the water. We took some more traditional engagement photos for the parents, but then made our way to the beach. We waded into the water and had so much fun shooting the evening away!


While this shoot was one of my favorites, it also challenged me. Kristy & Rogan only could stand in the water, and I could only see half of their bodies. I had to switch up my posing a lot and come up with new angles and shots.


I loved getting out of my comfort zone for this shoot and finally getting to check off a shoot on my bucket list! I truly believe my job is the best is gets! I get to see happiness and love everyday and enjoy my passion as a job :)



Enjoy some of my favorites from their shoot!