Tips for getting ready photos on your wedding day!

Minnesota Wedding Photography

Where should I get ready?

+ Whether you are getting ready in your home, hotel, church, or venue, always always try and find a window to get ready by. The natural light, windows let in does wonders for getting beautified on your wedding day, and honestly any day for that matter. 

++ Using natural light is also a great way to make sure your makeup is even and simply perfect! 

- If you can't find a window or natural light, the second best option is to pick one light! Different colored lamps, lights, and bulbs can create weird colors contrasts in photos that can be hard to correct when editing. If you have one consistent lighting source, your photographer can usually correct the white balance when they editing :)

+ Try to keep a clean space... Telling this to women getting ready is like telling a dolphin not to be majestic! However, when there are less distractions in the room and in the photos, the more beautiful, poised, and clean you and your venue will look!

++ Plus, a clean room promotes a stress free environment :)

+ The bigger the space the better (generally), small cramped spaces make it harder to keep clutter out of the photos, limit the angles your photographer can get, and tend to get stuffy with all the hairspray and perfumes!


What do I need?

+ Having your details ready when the photographer comes is so helpful!! It saves time and lets the photographer know what you want photographed! Details can include: veil, flowers, jewelry, shoes, dress (duh), invitations, borrowed sentimental items, rings, cufflinks, tie, watch, etc. Whatever is important to you :)

+ Try and locate a wooden or prettier hanger than the plastic one your dress comes on! This added just a bit of elegance to your wedding dress portraits.

+ Wait to get your jewelry on until the photographer gets there!


Fun Ideas | 

+ Do a Champagne spray shot (they are always so much fun)

+ Wear robes, nighties, tank tops, dresses, plaids, or pj's, to create fun unity with you and your girls while you get ready!

+ Exchange gifts and/or letters with your groom

+ Give your ladies something they can use for more than one day! 


Final Thoughts |

+ Getting ready photos may seem silly to some, but for me, it is a chance to capture the only moments of the day that the bride and groom are not together. It gives the couple a little something extra to look forward to when viewing their wedding photos after they get delivered.

+ Couples get to see the love of their life getting ready, hanging out with their closest friends and family, and seeing the anticipation in their eyes moments before they see each other for the first time.


It is all so magical!!

& don't even get me started on first looks!! Honestly, its really hard to pick my favorite part of a wedding day! It is all so beautiful :)