Best of 2018!

IT’S 2019!!

omg. It’s taken me so long to go through all of my weddings and sessions from 2018 and I would by lying if I said I didn’t spend most of the time just reminiscing each one :) I am utterly grateful for everything that I experienced in 2018 and cannot wait to see what 2019 brings me.

A few highlights of 2018 |

+ I traveled the world (half) with my new husband/photo assistant Peter

+ I purchased Dubsado and joined TheKnot, which completely changed my life and turned my business around!!

+ I captured beautiful and intimate moments between old friends and new friends.

+ I exceeded my goals 2x what I had even hoped!!

+ I shot my first newborn session :) it took 3 hours and I had sweat dripping down my back. But seriously the best thing EVER!!! Love you Haddie, girl :)

My favorite travel memories |

+ Peter and I spend a week sailing from Columbia to Panama and spend countless hours under the sun with salt and sand… everywhere. It was thoroughly enjoyable :)

+ While in Costa Rica, Peter and I spent one night watching Netflix. We chose to watch “I Love You, Man” and I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. *This is not an exaggeration in the slightest. I broke blood vessels on my eye lids… This was such a small thing that came from a very uneventful night staying in our hostel room.

The countless sweet moments at weddings |

The Edlemans | I loved Emily and Jacob’s garter toss, where Emily Iced Jacob and made him drink it in front of the whole wedding. They had such a fun wedding and wedding party!!

The Roosas | I loved that we did group drinking shots, not once, but twice. One with champagne and one with beer. I also LOVED that they decided to read their vows to each other alone (well, with me too) on a private beach near their venue before their wedding. It was so special and so intimate. Nothing beats these moments.

The Dwyers | I LOVED Noah’s reaction when he saw Mallory for the first time. He kept saying how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to be marrying her. It was such a simple wedding with so much love!!!

The Tindalls | There was so much love for Jess and Brent at their wedding. They had to take the microphone away because so many people wanted to say something about the couple. These two were meant for each other and it really shows :) I loved that they took a break from family photos and took a shot of fireball with the wedding party!!

The Hubers | Katherine and Erik are so laid back and the kindest people I have ever met. Their outdoor wedding, while hot, was organic (literally), simple, and timeless, just like their love :) My favorite part of their wedding was when they took the canoe out for a ride on the lake at Lily Spring Farm.

The Bruns | Although there were like 30 mph winds, that didn’t stop Katrina and Kollin from having a beautiful wedding. My favorite memory was their games at their reception. Picture a scavenger hunt mixed with musical chairs. So much fun!

The McMullens | I love watching couples get married and vow to always love each other forever and ever. It’s even better when it’s your old friends :) This wedding was a perfect fall day, at a beautiful venue, with the best of friends, lookin’ at you Amy ;). I loved riding on the party bus with the wedding party and joining in on some fun (Crown Apple. Try it!)! Also, Ryan and his sisters are the sweetest thing!! The end.

The Hopkins | My favorite part about Jordan and Mitch’s wedding was when they gave Jordan’s grandma a birthday cake. She was so surprised and you could see the joy in her eyes :) Also, I had tears running down my face when Jordan’s brother gave a speech from her other brother who is currently serving overseas.

I literally got goosebumps writing these special moments. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to witness all this love and get to be a part of my couples wedding days. I could not be more grateful for all the experiences I have had this past year and years before. I have grown so much and continue to improve, not only for myself, but also for my clients. As Napoleon Dynamite would say, “yesss!”

Please enjoy a few favorites from 2018.