Snowy Winter Wedding| Lakeville, MN | Jordan + Mitch

Jordan and Mitch got married on the coldest day in November. (that might not be accurate, but it was quite nippy). Even though it was freezing, Jordan and Mitch were so cute and such troopers! We got into a good rhythm talking photos. We’d go out, take a few, then go inside and warm up, then go out again. It was actually perfect!! It started to snow during their ceremony, and I couldn’t wait to take them outside and get those whimsical snowy photos. Overall, it was a simple and stunning black and white wedding!

There were a few moments during the reception that my heart skipped a beat.

  1. Jordan’s grandma’s birthday was the same day, so they surprised her with a delicious looking cake. She was so happy and I love that I was able to capture those moments for them!

  2. Jordan is the youngest of 3 brothers. One of them was serving over seas and was unable to make it back for her wedding. Clayton (one of her other brothers) gave a speech that her serving brother wrote. Clayton had a hard time getting it out, but it was very touching and made everyone in the room tear up!

  3. Right before we left, Jordan’s grandfather took her on the dance floor for some very fancy dancing and some precious memories :)

Please enjoy some moments from Jordan and Mitch’s wedding day.