Intimate Iowa Summer Wedding | The Morks


Courtney and Patrick met at Iowa State University. Courtney was hooked as soon as she saw Pat's red hair at a sorority/fraternity event. They bonded over their faith, love of outdoors, and loving personalities.  Here are a few words from their hearts:

From Patrick

So fast and so unexpected- it was my freshmen year at Iowa State University and the girl of my dreams somehow stumbled into my life! She took my breath away. Her red hair glistened in the sun, she made me feel so loved, and her genuine kindness and gratitude beamed from her every day. We first met at my fraternity social and ever since, our relationship has bloomed into a strong selfless bond of love and friendship. 

Courtney has been by my side for 3 years and I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. I can’t wait to get married to this smart, beautiful woman, and I am excited for what lies ahead in our lives!

From Courtney

When I first met Patrick, it was attraction at first sight, at least on my part. He was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed all his muscles and what I noticed next drew me in completely—the red hair. Finally, someone who understood me! As I got to know him, everything from first impression began to rang true. He is smart, driven, goofy, thoughtful, and completely extraordinary.  

We had been dating about three years when he popped the question in December. Little did I know, he had the whole proposal planned out for a year—what a romantic! He had made me a book of dates for my 2014 Christmas present that was filled with creative ideas that would lead us on an adventure each month. As it turns out, each month’s date was strategically titled so that the beginning letter would eventually spell out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” (Technically we were short an “L” and “R”, but I got the bigger picture). After all that planning and patience of waiting a whole year, how I could I say no? For real though, it was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me, and I appreciate the effort he puts into our relationship. I know, I got a great one!

As we plan for our wedding and future together, I feel jittery and anxious. I can’t wait to marry my best friend, and I can’t wait for you all to be a part of our big day!


How sweet is that ??


So on their last date of 2015, on a cold winter night, Pat took Courtney to the Campanile at Iowa State (Peter and I were hiding in the bushes to take photos). Not only did Pat create this book to plan dates a year in advance, but Pat knew he wanted to marry Courtney and waited a year to make it the most memorable and romantic proposal EVER. 


Courtney and Pat have been friends of mine since college and bravely chose me as their wedding photographer for their outdoor summer wedding. I was so honored and so nervous, as it was my first solo wedding, but it was everything I dreamed about and it was even better being able to capture my own friends wedding day. They had a small intimate wedding in Hampton, Iowa at a cute BnB. The corn was high, the air was moist, and the sky was a perfect overcast. Looking back, it is all a beautiful blur. It went by so fast, but what I do remember is a lot of love, wonderful friends, and small thoughtful touches. Pat wrote a song for Courtney and performed it at the ceremony. I definitely cried... It was so beautiful and is such a testament to their love. 


Please enjoy a few photos from their wedding day.