Meet Hannah: The Girl Behind The Camera

Since middle school I have always been behind a camera. I’d beg my mom to use her film camera and go on walks to take photos. Eventually, my amazing and generous parents gave me a Nikon D40 for Christmas my sophomore year of high school. I took photos of landscapes on my family’s summer vacations, and shot my willing friends (and honestly, what high school girl isn’t willing to add more photo to her Facebook page). Senior year rolled around and a few of my friends asked me to take their senior photos. They turned out great and I had such a fun time.


This was one of the first moments I decided I wanted to be a photographer. I continued getting better and took photography classes at school as elective credits. I even got the chance to take photography classes in Italy during my study abroad experience. Amazing is an understatement.


It wasn’t until I was in graduate school for environmental science that I started, at the time, Hannah Hoglund Photography. I asked my engaged friends if they would hire me to film or photograph their weddings. Most said no, or they already had photographers and videographers, but a few said heck yeah! So, I started off charging very little for my inexperienced eyes and ended up with beautiful photos and videos for my friends.


I learned soo much from those first few weddings and it only fueled my passion for creating beautiful photos and video and also making my clients happy. Happiness is contagious and I think deep down that’s why I love being a wedding photographer. Selfishly, I love shooting people in love because at the end of the day I come home with the biggest smile on my face. Sore feet, but the biggest smile! It is so uplifting and inspiring to see my beautiful clients having fun and engaging with their partners. I frequently come home to my husband and give him a huge hug. SO MUCH LOVE!!


Being a wedding photographer has taught me to always cherish the little moments, communication is key, and love always wins :) Three years later, I launched Hannah Ampe Photography and I can honestly say, as much as I have learned, I still have so much more to go!



If I am ever your wedding photographer, I will usually tear up at the ceremony, especially if you write your own vows, frequently tell a terrible joke while shooting, and always always capture your love and the moments that make your heart skip a beat. My end goal is to always make my clients feel special and give you spectacular photos that you can cherish forever.


So that’s my story. My journey hasn’t been simple, but doing what I love everyday is always a blessing :)