How to find the right wedding photographer


How do I find the right wedding photographer?


There are SOOO many amazing wedding photographers in Minnesota, and that is a blessing and a curse. You can use google and The Knot to help guide your research, but how to find the right photographer is the real question. Below are a few tips for choosing the perfect photographer for your needs and wants!


+ Look at their photos

Duh, right? It is important to like your photographer’s photos, so check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook to see what they’re posting. Make sure you like their editing styles. It is one thing to like the composition of their photos, but make sure you like what they do to it in postproduction. Photographer’s styles evolve, so make sure the photos you like aren’t from 5 years ago when they were using different presets or had a different style. 


+ Meet with the photographer

THIS IS SO KEY!! You can usually tell how your photographer will be after the first meeting. Ask them about pricing, packages, if they help with a schedule, how many shooters they will bring, how many weddings they have shot, when you will get your photos back, their process, etc. There are a million blogs and books that have questions to ask your photographer.

It is one thing if the photographer can take pretty photos, but another if they are good business owners and work well with their clients. Signing contracts and paying deposits are completely normal, but if you are ever uncomfortable with something, ask your photographer about it! If photos are really important to you, make sure you know how much time your photographer can give you. If they have 50 weddings in one year, they just physically give you as much attention as a photographer that has 20 weddings can. Not to say that you wont get attention with a photographer that booked 50 weddings, but just something to keep in mind when searching for your photographer.


+ Don’t choose just on budget

Like I said above, don’t base your decision on one pretty photo you saw on their site. Make sure they can deal with the stress of the day, feel comfortable “yelling” at uncooperative groomsmen, or are simply on time! Experience is usually worth every penny! That being said, give newbies a chance, just make sure to communicate frequently and you are both on the same page about everything! That being said, communication is key no matter what photographer you choose! 


+ Make sure you like the photographer

Finally, just make sure you simply like your photographer. If you can get along and maybe even be friends with your photographer, you will have a way better time on your wedding day!

From a photographers perspective, we want pretty photos to put on our websites and show the Instagram world what were doing on our weekends. However, wedding photography is about the bride and groom, their families & friends, and their love story. Nothing should come before those things!


Also, a few tips working with wedding photographers:


1.     Don’t forget you are booking this person for your freakin’ wedding!! Get excited and have fun with it :) FOMO is real, but don’t let is discourage you from choosing a wedding photographer.

2.     Always do an engagement shoot. It is a GREAT way for you to practice with your photographer before your bug day. Plus, you get great photos!

3.     I always recommend couples do a first look. It makes photos go way smoother and you don’t have to worry about hiding all day from each other. You can get all the photos done with before the ceremony, so afterwards you can just relax and have fun!

4.     Also, consider doing your cake cutting and first dance before dinner right after your grand entrance. That way, every guest is still there and attentive. If you wait until after dinner, some guests have left and the ones that are left may either be drunk or distracted.

5.     Last thing, if you inquire about a photographer do your best to not blow them off. If you don’t go with them, let them know that you found another photographer, or they were out of your budget, etc. We just want to know :)